Thank you for allowing me to photograph you. Once you locate your photo by using the navigation bar above, simply right click on the image in order to download a low res copy of the image. If you would like a full-sized image, please email me and let me know the title of the image you'd like. I'll send the full-sized image(s) to you via a free WeTransfer link. Once you download the file(s), you can have the photo printed anywhere that does photos (e.g. Sam's Club, Walmart, CVS, etc.). Each picture should print well at the size indicated in the title (e.g. 8x10 will print at 8 inches by 10 inches). Should you have any problems finding your image, downloading the file, or printing the photograph; please contact me.

You can easily contact me by clicking on my email address right here:

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It was my pleasure to take your photograph. Thank you for your time in posing for me!  © Rick Elliott 2018  Gatlinburg, TN  865-430-3545 (home)  865-456-8557 (mobile)